. . . Practicing Medicine with a Retailer’s Mindset – Part II
The rules of medicine have changed.  To remain successful, physicians must be concerned with not only quality-of-care but also the quality of the referrer and patient experience. Consider these strategies for leveraging technology to deliver an extra measure of customer service to your patients and referrers.
  • Use state-of-the-art voice recognition and reporting systems to ensure that your patient report is timely and easy-to-read. Choose a system that caters to physician preference with delivery via email, fax, remote printing and EMR interface.  Also, look for one offering automated critical results communications.
  • If your practice provides diagnostic testing, enable easy access to the full test results online, again possibly through a physician portal.
  • Online exam ordering or scheduling is a major convenience for referrers  and immediately locks in your new  patient relationships—avoiding patient shopping for other providers.
  • Take advantage of analytics technology to eliminate workflow bottlenecks, helping boost appointment time turnaround and avoid long office wait times as well as speeding referring physician reporting.
  • Make all patient forms available digitally for completion before an appointment—either through email or a patient portal.
  • Train your team to provide a pleasant patient interaction, from the first phone call to the time patients leave the office.
Also, while a physician contact management system delivers a real boost for referral marketing, you can also use it as a customer service tool. Automating periodic referrer and patient appreciation emails is essentially service with a smile, and a great way to keep your practice top of mind.
Join us next time for a detailed discussion on choosing a voice recognition and reporting platform to optimize interaction with your referring physicians.