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Real Life Stories of the Triumphs and Tribulations of Healthcare IT in Practice

For Fast ROI, Think Speech Recognition
In today’s challenging healthcare environment, cost-cutting is a way of life.  New efficiencies enabled by healthcare IT can have a big impact on achieving this goal—but often return on investment (ROI) takes time.
However, one busy multi-site radiology practice found that adopting an advanced speech recognition solution was a strategy that enabled almost immediate cost savings.  Through a transition from live transcriptionists to integrated IDS Voice2Dox technology, Midstate Radiology Associates succeeded in implementing complete speech recognition-enabled reporting in just months.  The technology eliminated the sizable expense of 8-1/2 FTE transcriptionists, while realizing a host of other benefits for the Hartford, CT-area imaging group.

“IDS Voice2Dox, together with its AbbaDox clinical reporting workflow portal, far exceeded our expectations,” comments Richard Maskowsky, Radiology IS Manager for the practice, who was heavily involved in system implementation.  Initially, the practice had hoped to move to 50% automated, digital reporting within one year.  However, after just 30 days, it achieved 70% digital and 85% within four months.  The cost savings were important and immediate.  Few, if any other type of IT application, would be capable of altering workflow significantly enough to deliver such immediate ROI.  

A large and growing practice group, Midstate Radiology operates two independent imaging centers and reads studies onsite at MidState Medical Center (part of the Hartford HealthCare System in CT) as well as at four additional medical clinics.  The practice knew it needed to make a move from traditional transcription to a more modern system but had difficulty identifying a vendor that could could support its complex workflow and integrate seamlessly with its Sectra PACS.  Midstate also wanted a range of customizations and specialized report templates to enhance reporting efficiencies, quality and accuracy.  Additionally, it sought a cloud-based system to manage offsite maintenance and ongoing system upgrades.

Gary Dee, MD, the Midstate radiologist who spearheaded physician involvement, explains that the practice selected IDS Voice2Dox because it provided a full range of advanced features and turnkey management in the cloud.  IDS also offered a robust range of complementary technologies that made the company an excellent strategic business partner for future expansion.

Since up and running, IDS Voice2Dox and AbbaDox reporting solution have functioned flawlessly, and radiologists are extremely happy with the ease-of-use. The immediate adoption and streamlined information flow contributed significantly to Midstate’s ultra-fast, cost-cutting digital transition.

Voice2Dox launches with a single keystroke from within Midstate’s Sectra PACS.  After dictation, the intelligent routing system automatically routes certain complex studies to the practice’s transcriptionists, while others are automatically sent to voice recognition. 


Today, advanced technology is crucial to the success of any radiology practice.  Faster exam TAT enabled through an advanced speech recognition system means better patient care.  In addition to direct cost saving over medical transcriptionists, it also results in new efficiencies, which can boost the productivity and profitability of any practice.