We just returned from the IT and medical technology company, Sectra, User Meeting in Denver, CO. Luckily, we were treated to superb weather and escaped just in time avoid the city’s mid-May snowstorm. My colleague and I were there to help present CloudFlex
, the integrated reporting and imaging system for telemammography.  You can learn more about this groundbreaking reporting and imaging solution in the cloud by reading Cat Vasko’s article in the March issue of ImagingBiz.

What a top-notch event! Held at the eclectic Curtis Hotel, the 3-day event was well-orchestrated with informative and educational sessions, excellent food, and entertaining activities.

Upon arrival, we knew we were in for a unique stay with the mid-century decor of this downtown hotel. Sporting orange retro lamps, an entire wall graced with giant Barbie doll heads, and Pharrell’s hip song “Happy” cued by motion sensors, this place makes it nearly impossible NOT to be happy during your stay. Check out my slideshow  to see for yourself. The common areas are cheerful, and the large outdoor patio and bar, complete with massive fireplace, was a great gathering spot. My room was on the Chick Flicks floor, where Charlie’s Angels and Thelma and Louise rule. Other floors with “personality” include One Hit Wonders, Pedal to the Metal and Sci-Fi. My bed was about as close to a fluffy cloud as you can get, and even with the Elvis wake-up call, I didn’t want to move from it.On to business. Sectra’s tag line “Knowledge and Passion” was the focal point of Icelander Sverrir Ragnarsson’s motivational “Go for the Gold” meeting opener. His inspiring message and clever delivery kept us engaged and amused while reminding us that passion should be our beacon in our professional and personal lives.
Dr. Torbjörn Kronander, MSEE, Ph.D., MBA, president and founder of Sectra Imtec AB,set an optimistic tone when he addressed the audience with “What’s New at Sectra.” Clearly, an extremely bright and accomplished man, his humility was rather touching in this culture of self-promotion and vainglory. “I do one thing very well,” he stated. “I am a good recruiter.”Along with Dr. Kronander, Sectra executives Mikael Anden and Marie Ekstrom stressed the company’s priorities in order of importance: customers, employees, and shareholders. By aligning company strategy this way, success is inevitable, they testified. As the 2013 first in KLAS award demonstrates, the initiative to keep customers happy is not just a pledge but a principle embedded in operations.
Mats Bjornemo gave us insight into the company’s plans for product development. The roadmap is impressive and forward-looking. Sectra’s recent release of DoseTrack, which earned AuntMinnie’s award for best new radiology software at December’s Radiological Society of North America’s annual meeting, is one example of its allegiance to innovation.  Shawn McKenzie, CEO and founder of Ascendian Healthcare Consulting gave a compelling talk on why imaging centers should implement dose monitoring programs now and not wait for legislation to take action. He’s slated to speak at the Association for Medical Imaging Management’s (AHRA) Annual Meeting in August in Washington D.C. I recommend attending his session.

The evening field trip to Red Rocks amphitheater was a notable highlight. Our tour included a behind the scenes look back stage and, of course, the breathtaking — literally for those of us living at sea level — outdoor theater.  Some fitness freaks were scaling the seat rows 2 levels at a time, and while I was envious, I plan to save my next visit for sitting, not jumping, on those benches by seeing one of the many summer outdoor concerts — likely be an unforgettable experience.