Modular Cloud Computing Applications

Our cloud computing technology solutions are flexible and scalable to meet the needs of both small and large healthcare organizations. We address key challenges of demanding healthcare environments often characterized by complex workflows across multiple locations and enterprises. In this respect, we are problem-solvers armed with a toolkit adaptable to any organization.

A solution may entail a set of applications bundled as a package or just one application. Either way, we offer these applications as a service you access on the Internet. We host the applications and keep them running – from testing and installing to ensuring their security and availability. You reduce your reliance on internal IT resources and leave the worry of set-up, installation, and deployment to us.The cost savings are undeniable, and the user-friendly interfaces mean little training is required before your team is fully onboard.

Our software as a service solutions cover a broad spectrum and often involve extensive integration with other information systems. Sometimes, we address communication gaps in IT systems or our application serves as the “plug-in” piece by providing a specific functionality that another vendor’s software does not offer or does not execute well. That’s the beauty. IDS applications can interface with other information systems including EHR, HIM, RIS, PACS as well as systems for coding or billing.

AbbaDox is the workflow portal and platform on which all of our applications reside. AbbaDox offers the power and flexibility to adapt to client needs through interoperability, mobility and customizable workflows.

By Module

Automated Distribution Distribute reports automatically via fax, CCD, HL7, or secure email.

Charge Capture Record charges with a mobile device at the point of care for streamlining the revenue cycle.

Critical Findings Integrated with Voice2Dox, the application provides workflows for reporting physicians and care coordinator communications.

CRM A referral management and marketing application with real-time analytics.

Data Analytics Measure and track performance and productivity with real-time data.

Dicomizer Scan tech notes for viewing alongside DICOM images.

Document Management  A dynamic forms management system that scans, indexes, sorts, routes and barcodes documents.

EHR A certified complete electronic health records system for ambulatory.

Eligibility Verification Automated way to verify patient insurance coverage for visits and procedures.

Image and Data Storage AbbaDox archives patient charts with historical data, reports and images.

Interoperability Professional services for facilitating data exchange and accessibility for improving care delivery and increasing efficiency.

Image Viewer A feature-rich, PACS-agnostic DICOM image viewer available on the desktop or tablet.

Medical Speech Recognition Speech recognition using the best voice recognition engine available is embedded in the Voice2Dox reporting platform.

Mobile Applications Applications to meet a mobile work environment include dictation with Voice2Dox, charge capture, report review, e-signature, image viewing, verbal orders and CRM

Modality Worklist Creates order worklists for radiology modalities and connects systems to reduce errors and increase efficiencies.

NLP Data Extraction Using natural language processing, key data is extracted from the report narrative for coding and billing.

PACS We partner with SECTRA, a first in KLAS PACS vendor, to offer a high-performance diagnostic workstation with tightly integrated reporting and speech recognition capabilities.

Patient Portal Online access to personal health data, educational materials and securing messaging.

Radiology Information System A robust enterprise RIS solution with centralized scheduling and tools to improve operations and maximize efficiency.

Referring Physician Portal Allows physicians to view patient reports and images, create orders, request appointments and patient educational materials.

Reporting A powerful reporting platform with multiple data input methods including speech capture with specific workflows to accommodate radiology and other medical specialties.

Scheduler A centralized scheduling system that accommodates multiple locations and complex scheduling requirements.

Transcription Services Professional medical transcription and editing services with an application for managing the entire transcription and editing process.

Workflow Portal A cross-platform workflow portal that provides role-based and secure access in support of clinical data and administrative functions.

By Product Name

AbbaDox A cross-platform workflow portal that provides role-based and secure access in support of clinical data and administrative functions.

AbbaDox Charge Capture Mobile application to record charges at the point of care. Charges can be sent directly to coders or billing for processing, thus eliminating missed or lost charges.

AbbaDox CRM This CRM with real-time analytics is a robust tool for managing referrals, acting on business intelligence and ultimately increasing referrals and revenues.

AbbaDox EHR A certified electronic health records system (ambulatory) with capabilities for scheduling, insurance eligibility and meaningful use reporting, scalable to any size practice.

eDox An application for managing the entire transcription and editing process.

Referring Physician Portal A workflow portal designed so physicians can view patient charts, reports and images, request appointments, write prescriptions and more.

QuickBox enables you to automatically drop final results onto the ordering physicians’ computer desktop. Send high-quality reports, regardless of time or location, with your customized with your color logo and format in PDF along with delivery notifications to the recipient by text or email.

Reforma A dynamic forms management system that produces bar-coded documents. Reforma’s intuitive interface makes it easy to print documents for scheduled appointments or on-demand, individually or in bulk.

QuickSort In conjunction with ScanDox allows for sorting, indexing and routing of scanned files in a distributed work environment.

ScanDox A document imaging application which uses customized business workflow rules to reduce manual processing.

Voice2Dox Voice2Dox is a powerful reporting platform and speech recognition application that supports templates, dictation, EHR and hybrid reporting methods. Mobile Voice2Dox allows doctors to dictate using an iPhone, iPad or smartphone.

AbbaDox Rad A suite of products designed specifically for radiologists: AbbaDox, RIS/PACS, Eligibility Verification, DICOM viewer, DICOMizer, Voice2Dox, Modality Worklist, Critical Findings, BIRAD, Reforma, Automated Invoicing, and Referring Physician Portal, and CRM.

AbbaDox RIS A robust enterprise RIS solution with centralized scheduling and tools to improve operations and maximize efficiency.

AbbaDox Studio A centralized console that allows IT administrators to manage enterprise access and data.


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