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AbbaDox is more than a portal. It’s an entire cloud computing health information management platform built to host responsive and intelligent applications that make your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

AbbaDox is more than an IT platform. It’s an entire health information management platform and ecosystem built to provide responsive and intelligent applications to make your operations run smoothly and efficiently. Whether you opt for one of our applications or a comprehensive solutions suite, we architect all software and IT systems based on the fundamental concept that interoperability is key.

Designed for the cloud from the start, the AbbaDox health information management platform is organic, not a patchwork of technologies created through acquisition. When systems are retro-fitted from client-server architecture or outdated technology, the end result is often clunky and disjointed. The push to add functionality means software providers buy a technology and tack it on to the existing application, and don’t take the time to completely assimilate the new functionality. This is not the case with AbbaDox. We start with the seed, making sure at every stage, it grows in ecosystem harmony. From the IT platform, to the applications and services that run on it, you can rest assured, you’ll have user-friendly, intuitive, time-tested programs.

Intuitive systems mean you spend less time learning and navigating, and more time accomplishing the tasks of your workday.

Another key difference at IDS is our approach to work. Unlike the boxed solution vendors, we strive to adapt workflows to meet your unique needs. Our highly customizable workflows are designed and built using the AbbaDox information technology platform and its modular, “building block” applications. IDS applications can interface with other information systems including proprietary software and mobile devices and can be subscribed to as a package or à la carte.

We take flexibility and scalability to new heights. Because we developed our Platform as a Service in-house, the system can flex-out to meet the rigorous demands of multiple locations, disparate systems and other obstacles that prevent seamless integration. It serves as an integration powerhouse, scalable to any size organization.

Our expertise in interoperability, HL7 integration and other methods of securely connecting IT systems, means AbbaDox seamlessly integrates with existing systems and upgrades operational workflows and functionality using cloud services.

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IDS delivers innovative, customized software applications that connect systems, data and people to facilitate optimum operational performance, sound decision making and collaboration.

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One of the most important components of the AbbaDox ecosystem is the PaaS. The Platform as a Service (PaaS) operates as the layer between the SaaS above and IaaS layer below.

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