Gain insight into your operations and the business of healthcare

Metrics offer great insight into your operations, both the good and the bad. By having round-the-clock access to real-time data, you gain transparency for a clearer view of work processes. An accurate picture gives you the power to better understand and act.

Staying data informed empowers you to make the right decision at the right time. By tracking key performance indicators (KPI), you can identify performance issues and discern between short-term anomalies and mid-term trends. Analytics can help you make informed, intelligent decisions for the long-term.

Depending on the IDS applications you select, we provide you with the accompanying analytics to help you measure and monitor. This is just one of the many benefits our solutions bring to your operations. You’ll be able to see just how instrumental these numbers can be to daily management and long-term planning activities.

We get granular with our reports. For our clinical reporting clients, we provide detailed reports revealing metrics that offer true insight. We measure more than such report turnaround time. We measure every step of the reporting process.

Metrics for procedures by surgeon, location, and shift; production volumes; dictator sign-off times; deviances from shift production goals; outlier reports. . . the list goes on. We even track costs and the difference between reports generated by transcription and speech recognition. And our professional services team is always ready to design custom reports to meet your specific management needs if the standard ones don’t suffice.

The IDS digital dashboard provides you the real-time analytics necessary for measuring, managing and improving your operations. Uncover the hidden data buried in your processes. Digital dashboard snapshots provide colorful graphs and charts of complex analytics about the health of your operations.


  • Identify and correct negative trends

  • Align strategies with organizational goals

  • Measure savings

  • Assess efficiencies and inefficiencies

By utilizing key performance metrics, you can make smart decisions based on real business intelligence.
Real-time analytics help you:

Optimize Resources

Gain a true perspective on key operations with real-time tracking and KPI reporting. Align resources and leverage assets to achieve your goals.

Cost Savings

Mitigate shrinking reimbursement rates with better asset management. By understanding which behaviors directly impact costs, you can root out problems and optimize processes.


Track productivity on an individual or group basis. See how reporting choices affect costs and improve performance by instituting accountability.