AbbaDox RIS reduces IT costs, improves staff productivity and increases study output.


Ever wish you could have a scheduling system that’s easy to use and meets the specific needs of your imaging center? Meet AbbaDox RIS. AbbaDox RIS was built specifically for diagnostic imaging centers.

We’ve taken the word streamline to new heights. Ours is a turnkey solution that collects relevant data from all sources: patients, payers, tests and radiologists and seamlessly integrates it to make practice operations, especially scheduling, run smoothly and efficiently.

With patient demographics at your fingertips and an intuitive interface, scheduling and re-scheduling visits could not be faster or easier. To save even more time, AbbaDox RIS gives you the ability to verify insurance eligibility instantly individually or in batches eliminating the time-consuming payer research, telephone calls and other manual processes.

The architecture lends itself to the demanding needs of even the busiest diagnostic imaging facilities. Want to schedule by modality? No problem. Need to schedule by physician, but only limited hours on certain days at 2 of your 10 facilities? AbbaDox RIS handles this and so much more.


Never before was scheduling so easy. You can book, double-book, re-schedule and even verify insurance eligibility in a manner of seconds. The drag-and-drop interface gives you a colorful display that allows you to easily manage procedures and patients, yet is flexible enough to configure the system to make your schedulers and front desk staff work at an optimal pace. Track every step of the patient during the visit with the patient status feature. Appointment confirmations, reminders, concurrent scheduling and notifications mean you and your patients make the most of your day.


Since it’s modular, AbbaDox RIS integrates with other health information systems, so you can continue to use your existing PACS, practice management or other systems. Use it as part of an EHR solution, so as an eligible provider, you can collect federal incentive dollars. If you are still searching for an EHR, AbbaDox EHR complete certified Ambulatory EHR is an option.

AbbaDox RIS is a comprehensive enterprise imaging practice management solution with:

  • Instant Patient Eligibility Verification

  • Patient Visit Status Tracking & Status

  • Integrated Forms Management

  • Modality Worklist

  • Mammography Tracking Workflow

  • Certified MU2 EHR

  • DICOM Image Sharing

  • Online Portals for Physicians and Patients

  • PACS Integration

  • Integrated Radiology Reporting Platform


By automating eligibility verification, we allow you to simplify your business processes and speed your medical reimbursement payments.

Consider how much time your staff spends calling health insurers and checking payer websites. Eliminate these inefficient, time-consuming tasks. IDS offers a simple and efficient solution for Electronic Eligibility Verification that can transform your practice and save you thousands of dollars.


Streamline the flow of patient study information, avoiding wasteful data entry errors and saving radiologists’ time.

Do your techs manually enter patient data at the modality? If the answer is yes, we urge you to consider our modality worklist application. This solution virtually eliminates the confusion and other problems caused by data entry errors.

We provide the bridge between the scheduling system and the modalities, transferring the patient demographics and study information through automated technology. Any modality that supports the DICOM protocol for modality worklists can retrieve the worklist data. So, it prevents errors and saves all that time devoted to typing and re-typing patient data.


AbbaDox RIS can transform your operations employing a combination of intelligent tools and ergonomic workflows. Built for the cloud, AbbaDox RIS will bring noticeable results and help you streamline front office tasks and improve the patient experience.
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