AbbaDox CRM empowers radiology practices to take command of their referral marketing initiatives. It’s a management tool designed to provide radiology and other referral-based healthcare specialties with detailed oversight of their referral sources and interactions with referring physicians.

Our real-time analytics and reporting tools give you the knowledge you need to assess and adjust your physician referral marketing strategies, making sure each marketing dollar is well spent. You’ll be able to better manage the marketing team’s activities and evaluate individual and overall program performance.

AbbaDox CRM presents information in a more useful way, helping you to organize contacts, manage daily sales activities, and identify referral trends. . . all in real time.


Understanding where your business is coming from and being able to quickly identify trends that affect your bottom line is crucial for a successful practice.

AbbaDox CRM blends contact management functionality with a physician referral marketing analysis engine to provide a comprehensive management tool for identifying the volume and source of your referral studies.

In addition to the productivity reporting, AbbaDox CRM includes a customer relationship management (CRM) system to help marketers and administrators manage their interactions with current and prospective referring physicians.


There are six primary, integrated components of AbbaDox CRM.

CRM: A customer relationship management (CRM) module lies at the core, so marketers and administrators can easily manage communications with current and prospective referrers.

Scheduling: The scheduler allows marketers to manage their calls and in-person visits. Administrators can monitor efforts to be sure follow-up is complete and consistent.

Reporting: AbbaDox CRM generates real-time reports and graphs detailing referral patterns along with operational reports for measuring marketing productivity and effectiveness.

Expense Tracking: To help maintain compliance with government regulations like Stark Law, the system provides an expense tracking module to record expenses and receipts.

Mapping: Users can map sales routes, prospect locations and referral accounts. Mapping provides an excellent way to identify referral clusters and target untapped geographic regions.

Mobile Application: AbbaDox CRM has a smartphone companion – the Mobile CRM – that is compatible with iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry devices.

Great Service is the Key to Building Strong Relationships and Growing Your Referral Base

As you enter a referring office, you can access data in real time that tells you

  • Names and titles of office staff and referring physicians

  • Details of your previous conversations

  • Last time you visited the location

  • How many referrals you’ve received from each physician and the group overall

  • How the current volume of referrals compares to that of 1, 2 or 3 months ago

  • Your center’s turnaround time for patient reports

  • Open slots to schedule patient visits on the spot

  • Service issues raised by referrers in the past and response and resolution

  • How much you can spend on an office lunch or other incentives

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