Integrated Radiology, Image Sharing and Workflow Solutions

IDS offers a suite of integrated applications designed specifically for radiology to improve organizational efficiency and maximize productivity. Our comprehensive suite provides the flexibility to match your needs in any imaging environment: inpatient, outpatient, or teleradiology.

Our solutions touch every aspect of the diagnostic imaging workflow from scheduling a patient to sharing results with referring physicians. Our radiology reporting platform, Voice2Dox, is second to none and uses the best speech recognition technology available.

As experts in interoperability, we employ secure and sound methods, such as HL7, CCD and Direct Messaging for data and image sharing across enterprises. Explore the many ways IDS can help improve your radiological operations, and take advantage of the latest in cloud technology.

Because our offerings are modular, you can select only the modules you need, and we will integrate your custom-made solution with your existing systems, RIS, PACS, HIS or EHR. That way, you can added advanced functionality without unnecessary costs.

With IDS cloud technology, the benefits are many:

  • Pay only for what you use.

  • Incur no major capital expense.

  • Integrate with existing systems across multiple locations.

  • Deploy and scale up quickly.

  • Avoid costly hardware or software upgrades.

  • Receive ongoing software enhancements and updates.

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