Document Management & Distribution Services

IDS helps save time and money at all stages of document management. Intelligent technology plus sound workflow means staff can spend more time attending to patients than forms and reports.

AbbaDox eliminates inefficiencies as well as cumbersome and unnecessary manual tasks. By capturing digital data from the start, you eliminate much of the problem. Even if you use paper forms, they can be bar-coded or pre-populated with data to speed processing and reduce errors.

It doesn’t stop there. No need to send documents via courier or stand over a fax machine all day. Patient chart documentation can go to multiple locations and can be saved to the AbbaDox Cloud for long-term storage and retrieval.


Create the digital record at inception with AbbaDox eForms. These electronic forms can mimic paper forms yet offer mobility too. Forms can be emailed to patients prior to a visit to speed intake and avoid incomplete forms. They can be completed using a mobile device , such as a tablet. Whether for new patients, permissions, disclaimers, surveys or procedure reporting, eForms can make completing forms faster and more accurate.

Predictive text fields, predefined drop-down lists and checkboxes make data entry an easy and painless process. Because the user interface is so friendly, users with little computer experience can complete eForms with no guidance. Because the data is electronic from the start, it can be shared, analyzed or transferred to an EHR, making this a preferred method of recording and managing healthcare data.

eForms offer many efficiencies. Here are just a few:

  • Reduce paper and printing costs

  • Eliminate errors and time spent deciphering handwriting

  • Embed logic for dynamic, smart forms

  • Reduce physical storage space needs

  • Improve data management and sharing

  • Facilitate forms control and updates

Scanning and Routing with ScanDox

There’s no denying the industry push to digitize patient records and healthcare documentation. Along with the initiation of creating a digital document from its origin is the monumental task of converting all the paper documents and medical files. As many discover, the success of these solutions often hinges on an organization’s choice of scanning solution and the much-overlooked issue of portability.

ScanDox, our document imaging and routing solution, is a multi-functional scanning system that consolidates work processes. It facilitates de-centralized scanning, reduces bottlenecks and helps organizations use hardware to its full capacity. It utilizes components such as OCR, bar coding and indexing to establish a single, automated process.

The interface makes the system easy-to-learn and easy-to-use. ScanDox assumes much of the thinking, using established business and workflow rules, file indexing, naming conventions and automated distribution, thus reducing operator input and streamlining the process.

Customized to Fit

IDS builds each business rule to best match your unique requirements and workflow, automating as much of the scanning process as possible while eliminating or drastically minimizing the most labor intensive and repetitive tasks.


ScanDox can be implemented as a stand-alone imaging and routing application or as part of a distributed scanning process. It can interface with a variety of other applications to create a completely customized document administration solution.

Intelligent Bar Coding with Reforma

Reforma produces bar-coded documents that automate the scanning of forms, eliminating tasks of document prepping, QA, manually scanning, indexing and routing.  It also reduces the costs associated with traditional paper forms.

By interfacing directly with scheduling systems, Reforma instantly generates forms that are pre-populated with the appropriate patient and provider information. When printed, Reforma generates the documents typically given to the patient for a specific encounter or visit, such as medical disclaimers, financial and procedure forms, and embeds patient and visit-related information onto the page.

Forms can be printed individually or in batches, and receptionists can print forms by patient name or other fields such as date of service, or location. Dynamically embedded content reduces the need, time and costs associated with making and applying labels to forms.

Once the documents have been completed and scanned, the unique barcode identifies the patient and the date of service and files it properly in the electronic patient chart.

If pages are scanned out of sequence, ScanDox will place them into the proper order prior to storing them in the patient chart.

Electronic Patient Charts

Once the documents are processed, they will be securely stored in the patient charts in AbbaDox. The electronic patient charts mimic physical medical record files and store all documentation maintained in a patient’s record, including scanned forms, reports, images and lab results. This creates a single point of reference for patient documentation.

The records are easily retrieved 24/7 through an online portal and a robust search engine. Documents stored in AbbaDox can be used as a primary filing system or in conjunction with a disaster recovery plan.

These documents can shared and sent to an EHR or other system and distributed via secure methods of HL7, fax, or email.

Professional Document Scanning Services

For organizations needing assistance with a document conversion project or as part of an ongoing effort, IDS offers document scanning services. Even you wish to keep documents in-house, our team can assist with tasks other than scanning, such as sorting, indexing or quality assurance.

The conversion process can be daunting: selecting and installing software; purchasing and installing the hardware; hiring, training and supervising staff. Let IDS take on these burdens.

As experts in this line of back-office processing, we can handle your scanning projects efficiently, and prevent unnecessary investment and worry.