Improve Service with Centralized Scheduling

Ever wish you could have a scheduling system that’s easy to use and meets the specific needs of your practice on day 1 of installation? Meet AbbaDox Scheduler. AbbaDox Scheduler was built specifically for busy medical clinics like yours. Most medical practice information systems are generic, practice neutral, or retrofitted, and require extensive programming to fit the bill.

AbbaDox Scheduler is a powerhouse. It manages workflow, resources, patient appointments and data; collects data for analytics; provides key information for reporting, and provides coding necessary for billing.

Foremost, scheduling is an important part of the patient visit. By managing the scheduling process in a capable and efficient manner, you can strengthen the patient-provider relationship.

To accomplish that, you need a feature-rich information system to handle the complexities of the scheduling process. Often, a lot of information is exchanged during patient scheduling. The scheduler needs to be able to enter data quickly and easily, all in one place. This includes the patient’s patient demographics, insurance information, and exam codes. With some systems, finding an appointment slot can be a challenge which can cause frustration on both sides of the call, and patients don’t always have the time or patience to hold the line.

With patient demographics at your fingertips and an intuitive interface, scheduling and rescheduling visits could not be any faster or easier. To save even more time, AbbaDox Scheduler gives you the ability to verify insurance eligibility instantly individually or in batches eliminating the time-consuming manual and telephone calls and manual processes.

Flexible and Scalable

It’s flexible. You can organize schedules to match individual doctors’ schedules and even schedule for different locations, rooms, procedures or modalities. Whether you schedule for one location or multiple sites, AbbaDox Scheduler manages resources and optimizes utilization of equipment, rooms and tech time.

Views are customizable to suit user preferences. With so many viewer options, AbbaDox Scheduler helps every scheduling agent and receptionist be as productive and customer-centric as possible.

The intuitive and flexible scheduling system offers the best functionality, and the ease and speed are unparalleled. The system scales from a single workstation location to multi-site enterprises offering multiple services. More efficient scheduling can mean more visits, procedures and exams each day.

Options such as electronic eligibility verification save even more staff time. It’s modular and is compatible with other AbbaDox applications such as Clinical Reporting or the Referring Physician Portal. It also integrates with other health information systems, so it can serve as one component of a complete EHR solution.

Patient Care

Once a patient arrives, you can track the status throughout the entire visit. That way, you can keep an eye on wait times and make sure service is consistent and meeting standards each and every visit. Plus, you can create alerts for those patients with special needs or requiring assistance, such as language interpretation or transportation.

Appointment confirmations, reminders, concurrent scheduling and notifications mean you make the most of your day and your patients make the most of their visit.

Fast Deployment

Implementing a new scheduling system is not an easy endeavor. Reduce the level of stress and the amount of inconvenience by choosing a hosted solution. System deployment occurs in weeks, not months or years, and you also have the latest updates and features at no charge.

Because it’s in the cloud, you have all the benefits of a powerful, mobile system, yet none of the hassles of typical workstation-based system, like operating system incompatibility, time-consuming, expensive software upgrades, or capital investment. You pay for the system only as long as you subscribe.