Referring Physician Portal


The easier you make the referral process, the more patients you are likely to have referred. After all, in this age of healthcare reform, almost every medical practice is challenged to make the most of its time, and the specialists who support referrer efficiencies often win big in patient recommendations. Today, a robust referring physician portal can help you streamline the patient referral and intake process, in addition to supporting timely results distribution for your completed exams.  The best portals automate workflow for your staff as well as for referrers. AbbaDox Referring Physician Portal streamlines the referral process and provides a collaborative way to manage the referral process and relationships with referring physicians.


AbbaDox Referring Physician Portal offers a range of advanced features delivering enhanced referring physician collaboration and ease-of-use. Providing streamlined web-based access to critical healthcare information, the AbbaDox Portal supports viewing of both DICOM and non-DICOM images, reports and forms on a PC, Mac or tablet. The Image Viewer connects to multiple and different PACS while providing a uniform viewer for referring physicians. Learn more about the many features the Image Viewer provides. The Portal delivers advanced exam scheduling using a referrer’s CPOE or online request form, as well as exam eligibility verification across all major payers. It auto-populates digital patient intake forms with required patient data for referrer download and printing. Physicians also benefit from access to patient pre-exam instructions, education materials, and patient prior exams and missed appointment logs. Referrers can conveniently reach out to practice staff for additional information through the portal’s online chat feature.


  • Report Retrieval

  • DICOM and Image Sharing

  • EHR and CPOE Integration

  • Shared Workflow Processes

  • Appointment Request Interface

  • Payer Eligibility Verification

  • Test or Study Ordering

  • Bar-coded Intake Forms

  • Online Archives

  • Advanced Search Filtering

  • Patient Educational Materials

  • Chat Capability

A High-Performance Physician Portal Helps Support the Referral Process With:


Easy Access to Reports and Images. Provide referring physicians online access to their patients’ images and reports for greater convenience.

Online appointment requests. Enable your referrers to send appointment requests before patients leave the office to help ensure recommended care compliance.

Electronic exam ordering.  Online exam ordering is a convenience for both referring physicians and patients and also helps ensure patient follow through and easy access to common procedural codes.

Insurance verification.  Verify patient coverage prior to the patient visit, saving complications and time for all involved.

Patient educational material.  Provide referrers with a selection of printable patient educational materials for common procedures to explain upcoming exams and provide reassurance.

Pre-exam instructions. Provide instructions, such as required fasting and special diets, medication avoidance and tips.

Driving directions.  Help patients meet their appointment times with reminders and driving directions.

Web Chat.  A web chat feature is convenient so referring practice staff can have any questions answered quickly.


Referral Marketing CRM

AbbaDox CRM empowers healthcare providers to take command of their referral marketing initiatives. It’s a management tool designed to provide referral-based multispecialty practices detailed oversight of their referral sources and interactions with referring physicians.

Our real-time analytics and reporting tools give you the knowledge you need to assess and adjust your physician referral marketing strategies, making sure each marketing dollar is well spent. You’ll be able to better manage the marketing team’s activities and evaluate individual and overall program performance.

AbbaDox CRM presents information in a more useful way, helping you to organize contacts, manage daily sales activities, and identify referral trends. . . all in real time.


Understanding where your business is coming from and being able to quickly identify trends that affect your bottom line is crucial for a successful practice.

AbbaDox CRM blends contact management functionality with a physician referral marketing analysis engine to provide a comprehensive management tool for identifying the volume and source of your referral studies.

In addition to the productivity reporting, AbbaDox CRM includes a customer relationship management (CRM) system to help marketers and administrators manage their interactions with current and prospective referring physicians.


AbbaDox CRM has six primary, integrated components.

Contact Manager: A customer relationship management (CRM) module for managing contact information and communications with current and prospective referrers.

Reporting: AbbaDox CRM generates real-time reports and graphs detailing referral patterns along with operational reports for measuring marketing productivity and effectiveness.

Scheduling: The scheduler allows marketers to manage their calls and in-person visits. Administrators can monitor efforts to be sure follow-up is complete and consistent.

Expense Tracking: To help maintain compliance with government regulations like Stark Law, the system provides an expense tracking module to record expenses and receipts.

Mapping: Users can map sales routes, prospect locations and referral accounts. Mapping provides an excellent way to identify referral clusters and target untapped geographic regions.

Mobile Application: AbbaDox CRM has a smartphone companion – the Mobile CRM – that is compatible with iPhone, Android, and Windows mobile devices.