Patient-Centered Care is a Cornerstone of the Healthcare Environment.

As patients take a more active role in their care decisions, learn what you can do to adopt a more transparent, collaborative consumer model.

It stands to reason that a more active role individuals take in their own health and healthcare, the better the outcomes. Many factors come into play, such as a patient’s interest level or ability to be actively involved, but there is much providers can do to encourage patient activation.

Aiming toward a more patient-centric approach to healthcare requires careful consideration. Let IDS help you be responsive to patient preferences with software applications and technology. With tools to better understand the needs and values of your patients, you can engage with them on a personal and comprehensive level, resulting in a more collaborative process in care and clinical decision-making.

How can you adopt a more collaborative approach? There are many aspects to engaging patients throughout the spectrum of care.

Making sure patients keep their appointments is a first step. Our automated reminders available in AbbaDox Scheduler  assist with this simple step to reduce no-shows. Another nice touch is to send driving directions to the office along with map links. This is a big help in minimizing late arrivals. Creating automated alerts and notifications about special needs, such as transportation requirements or wheelchair access, offer other patient touch points.

Our comprehensive forms and document management  tools ease the data gathering processing on staff and patients alike. Even before the patient visit, providers can check insurance coverage with our Eligibility verification service. This eliminates uncertainty, informs the patient of his or her financial obligations, and helps them come prepared with proper payment. Check-in also is easier with e-forms or pre-populated physical forms that speeds intake and lessens wait times.

The AbbaDox Patient Portal facilitates patient engagement on many levels. Patients gain secure online access to their personal health information and can communicate directly with your office all from the comfort and privacy of their home.

The AbbaDox Patient Portal allows patients to:

  • View health information such as clinical summaries, lab results, immunizations and medications

  • Request prescription renewals

  • Schedule an appointment

  • Download educational materials

  • Be reminded of an upcoming visit

  • Know how much they will be charged prior to the visit

  • Send secure (non-urgent) messages to the medical team

Transparency is Key to True Patient Engagement


One way to take your patient care to a whole new level is to engage them in conversation. A survey is a great way to gather insight, gain confidence and build trust among your clientele.

Give your patients an easy way to express their satisfaction with your service. Your patientsare an important source of insight into your daily operations, so listening to their observations, needs and wants can have a direct impact on your patients’ continued loyalty and their willingness to refer their friends and relatives to your practice. Our Patient Satisfaction Survey and Analytics keep you in the loop and give you the tools to keep satisfaction levels high along with the quality of care.


Our technology facilitates data collection, analysis and response management. You’ll be able to send automated surveys to patients just after the visit and even provide a survey on your website for ongoing feedback. You also can receive immediate notifications and alerts if a response drops below an acceptable level. All at a very reasonable price. Our Patient Satisfaction Survey and Analytics lets you:

  • Measure patient satisfaction

  • Determine how patients define quality

  • Monitor operations, service and staff Respond immediately to patient concerns

  • Compare progress over time

  • Use best practices for handling positive and negative feedback

  • Aggregate data for in-depth analysis of service and care

You can be up in running in a matter of weeks, and training takes less than an hour. Contact us today to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you!