AbbaDox Workflow Portal

Mobile AbbaDox is the wireless window to the AbbaDox workflow portal and online patient charts. It allows you to view patient records and reports and more while on the go. The fact that it’s cross-platform means no matter what tablet or phone you use, you always have access to your clinical data repository.

Physicians can review reports and sign them too with our e-signature capability. The process is easy and intuitive. Each record clearly identifies the patient’s name, MRN, date of dictation and type of report. The integrated search engine supports advanced searching with wildcards based on the medical record number, first name, last name or phone number.
After selecting a record, a physician can listen to the original voice dictation file, electronically sign the report, resubmit it to the medical transcriptionist, or view the next report without applying a signature.

Mobile AbbaDox integrates with other IDS mobile applications including Mobile ePrescription. 

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