AbbaDox Image Viewer

The IDS Image Viewer is an HTML5 DICOM image viewing solution that lets radiologists, surgeons and other specialists share images on the Web.

It is PACS agnostic and links with multiple and different PACS systems to provide a unified viewing experience. Eliminating the need to install and maintain mini-PACS workstations and VPNs at physicians’ offices, the IDS Image Viewer pre-caches complex images to provide doctors with immediate access to critical healthcare information using only a DSL connection and any Web browser.

With the IDS Image Viewer, radiologists and multi-specialty centers with imaging services can:

  • Streamline the sharing of images with referring physicians

  • Eliminate expensive installations and maintenance

  • Avoid cumbersome VPN connections and costly PACS licensing fees

  • Provide referring physicians access to their patients’ studies

  • Upload patient studies from a CD or DVD and make them available for image exchange

Image Pre-Caching: Though very large in their original format, all DICOM images can be cached prior to a doctor’s login, without affecting PACS performance, so that every series displays immediately when the doctor opens patients’ online charts.

Stacking and Sorting Images: Providers can simultaneously view images from multiple series and studies and can synchronize the scrolling between images using reference lines to automatically show equivalent positioning in relation to each series.

The IDS Image Viewer and Referring Physician Portal is accessible using a PC or Apple® computer, iPad™, iPhone™, Android™ or Windows Mobile™ smartphone devices.

Triangulation: allows just clicking a point in one view initiating the software to find intersecting planes and scroll to them in other views.

Contrast and Windowing/Leveling: Both client-side (faster) and server-side (more precise) windowing and leveling is supported.

Measurement and Perspective: For further analysis of an image, referring physicians can draw ruler lines to measure precise distances and angles to capture various degrees. Additionally, image orientation can be modified to reveal subtle details.

Magnify: Enlarge specific areas of the image.

Zoom and Pan: Enlarge or shrink the image and move it freely within its frame.

Annotations: Physicians can markup images with annotations by adding simple text or callouts with arrows and can save them for later reference.

Safe Modification: None of the modifications made in the IDS Image Viewer affect the original DICOM images. Rather, they are seamlessly stored as copies that continue to display whenever the physician views the images again.

Rotate and Flip: Turn the image in any direction or flip it horizontally or vertically.

Cross-Platform Availability: The IDS Image Viewer is accessible using a PC or Apple® computer, and is available for the iPad™, Android phones and tablets, and Microsoft Surface Pro.

With the IDS Image Viewer, radiologists and practices with imaging services can:

  • Give physicians immediate access to patient images directly over the Web

  • Eliminate the need to install and maintain mini-PACS and VPNs at physicians’ offices

  • Serve a significantly enhanced volume of referring physicians