Verbal and Telephone Orders On-The-Go

There will always be a need for physicians to verbally communicate instructions, and to meet this need, IDS created a simple process for doctors, staff and the administrators that offers timely authentication of a physician’s verbal, including  telephone, order. Verbal orders can be prone to error which can adversely affect patient treatment, especially when medications are involved. CPOE only goes so far and often lacks the convenience and mobility physicians want and need to respond quickly.

The module, based on IDS eForms technology, replaces hand-written forms with a distributed electronic workflow process to facilitate the authentication of physician verbal and telephone orders.

Using electronic replicas of a hospital’s paper forms, a physician’s instructions are digitally recorded and placed into a secure workflow allowing doctors to electronically authenticate within the CMS mandated timeframe using a web-enabled computer or mobile device

The verbal order authentication module features:

Customized Workflows: Facilities can create custom workflows to support different order types (such as medication, lab and respiratory orders) so that specific people are made part of the process and are properly notified. For example, facilities can decide how rejected orders should be handled, where they should be routed and who should receive automated notifications.

Physician Notifications: Doctors are notified of pending orders via e-mail or text message, and can receive repeated notices at various intervals. Upon logging in, physicians can view a worklist and electronically sign or reject their orders.

Administrative Tracking Tools: Using AbbaDox, the IDS online workflow portal, administrators can monitor the status of all pending and completed orders and create customized reports.

Integration with HIM Systems: Images of the completed orders and a full audit trail can be sent via interface to the HIM system, and all data collected from the physician order eForms are available for meaningful use reporting.

Cross-Platform Availability: The verbal order solution supports PC and Mac® computers, iPad™, iPhone™, Android™ and Windows Mobile™ smartphone devices. Users can also access the system via their preferred Web browser.