Professional Transcription Services

IDS provides a complete clinical reporting solution that includes professional medical transcription and editing services. Our trained transcriptionists and editors are skilled at producing timely and accurate reports. Every report undergoes quality assurance based on guidelines of the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity.

The technology, using the AbbaDox workflow portal, allows clients to monitor the report creation process.  Built in the cloud, AbbaDox provides role-based security and real-time access to track all stages of report creation, review and distribution. Online review and e-signature features enable staff to work very efficiently and maximize daily output.

Dictation Workflow

IDS Medical Transcription Services include:

  • Dedicated transcriptionists and account managers

  • Automated report distribution

  • Guaranteed turnaround times

  • Interfaces with third-party information systems

  • SMS notifications via text message or e-mail

  • Mobile applications for report creation, workflow and e-Signature

  • Seamless and rapid implementation times

  • Customizable telephone key commands and prompts

  • Template-based reporting options

  • Analytical reports for measuring performance and productivity

Speech Recognition

In addition to transcription services, IDS allows clients to integrate front or back-end speech recognition into their reporting processes. As part of a larger report creation toolkit, speech recognition helps providers realize significant results in report output and turnaround times.

With our Voice2Dox Speech Recognition and structured reporting solution, providers use front-end speech recognition to dictate their cases and make the necessary edits prior to electronically signing and distributing their reports. These reports are then archived in AbbaDox, our Web-enabled Workflow Portal, and can be interfaced with any medical management system, as required.

Medical Transcription Workflow with Front-End Speech Recognition

For organizations seeking to eliminate the up-front costs of implementing front-end speech recognition, IDS can provide back-end speech recognition. Dictations are interpreted to produce a draft mode of the report, which is then edited for accuracy by IDS. .

The technology works with Mobile Voice2Dox back-end speech recognition using iPhones and Android phones to capture dictations and then upload the voice files to the IDS cloud servers.  Completed reports are available in AbbaDox for electronic signature and distribution. The structured text or full reports can be immediately inserted into the EHR or patient charts if desired.

The benefits of front-end and back-end speech recognition include:

  • Empowers physicians to reduce the cost of encounter reporting

  • Facilitates faster turnaround times

  • Accelerates report delivery to referring physicians and medical records departments

  • Low up-front investment

Transcription Management Platform

eDox is a robust application for managing the entire transcription process. The platform offers centralized control in what is typically a decentralized production process with transcriptionists and editors often located in different cities, countries or even continents

eDox is great choice for organizations seeking to retain their in-house transcription team but in need of an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use tool for consolidating and streamlining the transcription process.

eDox Transcription Management Process and Workflow Key Features:

  • Manage entire report creation and editing process

  • Manage transcriptionists’ workload and output

  • Monitor QA

  • Measure individual accuracy scores

  • Search

  • Send feedback and messages

  • Attach and link orders

  • Create custom fields

  • Use hotkeys

  • Control versions

Another big advantage is the ability to expand your team with IDS professionals. This reduces the overhead and yet maintains the consistently high-quality of report creation delivery that you require.

eDox: Integrated Dictation, Transcription and Document Management