Clinical and Encounter Reporting That Offers Choice and Flexibility

Our cloud reporting solution combines best-of-breed technology with the flexibility to suit every department’s needs. Even the physician enjoys the power of choice with the options available to document patient encounters and procedures. Physicians can decide at the point of dictation how to create a report.

In addition to dictating for medical transcriptionists, physicians can choose from translating voice-to-text for immediate results, selecting templates from an extensive and searchable roster, or a combination of these.

For those accustomed to a more traditional model, we offer dictation, transcription and editing services. Our team of medical transcriptionists and editors are true professionals, trained and knowledgeable. They abide by industry standards and provide high accuracy with fast turnaround times.

Only a handful of companies in the world offer an integrated speech recognition platform for clinical reporting. Don’t settle for anything but the best. Our integrated reporting platform, Voice2Dox, offers the latest medical voice recognition technology and much more!

We understand time is precious. That’s why we continually seek ways to create timesavers and reduce the number of clicks. Eliminating just one click per report can really make a difference over time.

If the goal is to cut reporting costs, we can help! Our front and back-end speech recognition solutions can help you dramatically cut costs, even if some physicians still wish to stick with traditional transcription. And, we can automatically extract meaningful use data from dictations or reports through natural language and algorithm processing for further cost reductions.

Reasons Clinical Reporting with VOICE2DOX stands above the rest:

  • EASE OF USE The friendly interface is easy-to-learn and use.

  • STATE OF THE ART  Best-of-breed technology with multi-engine support.

  • INTEROPERABILITY  Integrate with HIM, EHR, RIS, PACS or other systems.

  • CUSTOM WORKFLOWS  Workflows to match departmental needs.

  • KEY IMAGES  Embed key images in a report.

  • MOBILITY  Dictate, review and sign reports

  • IMAGE VIEWER  Feature-rich image viewer with triangulation, annotation and other tools.

  • ONE-STOP SHOP  Just one number to call for transcription & tech support.

  • EVENT-TRIGGERED ALERTS  Customized SMS or other notifications

  • CRITICAL FINDINGS  Integrated workflows for physicians and care coordinators.

  • BUSINESS ANALYTICS  Real-time reports with detailed TAT logs, productivity and performance metrics.

Reporting Workflow

When the reports are ready, our automated faxing and encounter reporting distribution eliminates time-wasting activities, like manually sending stacks of papers by post or fax, and with them, the headaches go too! We can integrate with any information systems you have in place to further expedite the distribution of your final reports and send results and images in multiple formats including CCD and Direct messaging.

We’re all about workflow. That’s why we make the effort to customize the application to suit your preferences. Plus, our value enhancing features such as automated report distribution and critical findings workflow mean you focus on medical reporting and reducing costs, not chart logistics.

Learn more about speech recognition and reporting application Voice2Dox or our professional medical transcription and editing services.