Solutions Designed to Address the Challenges of Radiology

Radiology is unique. The workflows, the reporting requirements, and the equipment. IDS offers a suite of services designed specifically for radiologists and radiology departments, AbbaDox Rad. The beauty is that these applications are modular and can interface with existing information systems, including a RIS, PACS or EHR. That way, you get the best functionality in a cost-effective way.

Our solutions support radiology, distributed radiology and teleradiology or a combination. So if you seek technology that will expand with your operations, AbbaDox Rad is it. Because our solutions are in the cloud, they are quickly deployable and adaptable to almost any IT environment.

See how cloud solutions can help save time, improve study output.

Complex IT Architecture

We specialize in interoperability and complex systems integration for distributed radiology and teleradiology.

By linking facilities, systems and functions, we make radiology easy and profitable.

Cloud Reporting

Gain flexibility without major capital expense. We build workflows that support radiologists working from home or the hospital using the best speech recognition engines available.

Image Sharing and Management

Provide instant access to diagnostic images using a PC, Mac or tablet with our PACS-agnostic Image Viewer. Eliminate costs of image media and courier services.

Facility Scheduling

Productivity gains are inevitable with a robust read scheduling system. See how algorithms schedule reads across multiple locations in the most efficient way.

AbbaDox Rad includes the following applications and services:

AbbaDox Workflow Portal

  • AbbaDox Workflow Portal 

  • Mobile AbbaDox

  • Electronic Patient Charts

  • Historical Reports and Archives

  • Clinical Data Repository

  • Analytical Reports

  • Search

  • Audit Trail (Document and System)

  • Mobile eSignature

Interoperability Services

  • Secure, HIPAA compliant HL7 orders and results are communicated

Real-time Monitoring Services 

  • Real-time Emergency Room monitoring

  • Real-time detailed transcription status reporting, executive monitor dashboard

Distribution Services 

  • Automated distribution of finals reports by fax, secure email, CCD etc

Voice2Dox Reporting

  • Speech Recognition and Digital Dictation

  • Mobile Dictation

  • Critical Findings Workflow

  • Centralized Template and Routine Management

  • DICOM Viewer

  • Personalized Dictation Modes

  • Capturing BIRAD codes for mammography tracking

DICOM Routing and Transformation Services

  • Clean-up and consolidation of workflows

  • DICOM studies and HL7 orders are transformed and unified as one PACS worklist

  • Pre-fetch of relevant prior studies

Referring Physician Portal 

  • Online access to DICOM images and reports

  • Notifications

  • Cloud-based Image Sharing

  • Critical Results Communications

  • Appointment Scheduling

eDox Transcription Platform

  • Platform to support hospital transcription

  • Professional Medical Transcription and Editing Services 

Radiology Reporting that delivers more

  • Flexible Reporting Options

  • Tech Notes Visible to Radiologist

  • Critical Findings and BIRADS

  • Automated Recall Letters

  • Number of DICOM images

  • Supports Tables and Calculations

  • Uses latest Dragon Medical Speech Recognition Engine

  • Automated Distribution in Multiple Formats

Features that save time, improve productivity

  • Personalized Templates

  • PowerScribe Template Import

  • Best Match Routines

  • Intuitive UI

  • Roaming Profiles

  • Routing Sharing

  • Hot Keys and Shortcuts