Systems Integration for Hospitals:
Improved Care Coordination and Delivery

Hospitals must be able to manage and share clinical information within the hospital system and with outside entities as needed to facilitate patient care and public health concerns. While the introduction of electronic records is a first step toward this complex issue, it is only a building block. Even the premier EHR systems face obstacles when linking hospitals using different systems or platforms.

Cloud technology offers solutions that even a few years ago, were not considered possible. IDS provides solutions that enable administrators to use IT more strategically: to bridge the gaps, link remote facilities, improve communications, facilitate data sharing and optimize revenue streams.

We offer solutions that can have a big impact on the organization yet at a cost that’s a mere fraction of the amount of a major system installation. Sometimes, what is needed is a bridge to seal the gap between existing information systems. In this respect, we improve the interoperability of your health information systems by facilitating the sharing of data across networks for clinicians, labs and hospitals

A large hospital information system doesn’t necessary bring with it all the bells and whistles. The gap may be the lack of a specific but important functions or simply a lack of mobility factors that when addressed, really can make a difference for providers in their daily work. In this respect, our solutions complement, not compete with existing IT.

We’re the Plug-in Piece for Hospital Networks

Whether your organization needs to connect legacy information systems or new or remote locations with the main enterprise, we can offer the technology platform, applications, and back-office services to give you measurable productivity gains.


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