Referring Physician Portal

Prevent Referral Leakage

AbbaDox Referring Physician Portal is a tool to manage referrals and orders within the ACO community and beyond. Referring physicians can generate, communicate and manage orders and referrals. They can securely access reports and images, request appointments, and manage patient eligibility.

The AbbaDox Referring Physician Portal streamlines the referral process and provides a collaborative way to manage patient referrals. The referring physician can monitor the appointment status and receives notification if the patient does not show for the scheduled time. This helps track compliance particularly for at-risk populations.

Providers also can invite patients to access their own patient charts and medical data directly.

The AbbaDox Referring Physician Portal is a cloud application. It is viewable with an Internet connection, and because it’s cross-platform and browser independent, it’s accessible with a PC, Mac, or tablet.

Key Components

  • Report Retrieval

  • DICOM and Image Sharing

  • EHR and CPOE Integration

  • Shared Workflow Processes

  • Appointment Request Interface

  • Payer Eligibility Verification

  • Test or Study Ordering

  • Bar-coded Intake Forms

  • Online Archives

  • Advanced Search Filtering

  • Patient Educational Materials

  • Chat Capability

Final Reports and Images all in one

The Referring Physician Portal allows you to share patient reports and images with authorized providers. In these instances, AbbaDox prompts referring providers with the required HIPAA notifications and authorizations prior to providing access to the records. Audit logs record user access and activity, even at the document level.

IDS also offers a Patient Portal, so patients also can access their medical charts and data. Providers can send procedure instructions, driving directions, or appointment reminders to patients to reduce no-shows. AbbaDox portals promote communication between providers and patients and encourage a proactive approach to wellness and healthcare.

Another key feature is the automated Direct messaging of a CCD, including an image, to another EHR. This avoids the need for costly VPN connections or HL7 interfaces and allows for Meaningful Use 2 compliance.

AbbaDox Image Viewer

The AbbaDox Image Viewer is a Microsoft® Silverlight-powered solution that lets you share images and final results to referring and consulting physicians through the Web. The Viewer is PACS-agnostic, so it can connect to different PACS while offering a uniform viewing experience with just one login. Eliminating the need to install and maintain mini-PACS workstations and VPNs at physicians’ offices, the AbbaDox Image Viewer pre-caches complex images to provide doctors with immediate access to critical healthcare information using only a DSL connection and any Web browser.

AabbaDox Image Viewer Enables you to:

  • Streamline the sharing of images with referring physicians

  • Eliminate expensive installations and maintenance

  • Link multiple, even different PACS

  • Avoid PACS licensing fees

  • Provide referring physicians with access to diagnostic images