The ACO is a data-driven organization.

In order to achieve the daunting goal of improving the quality of care while reducing costs, ACOs must rely on no ordinary means.

An ACO is charged with improving outcomes and the overall health of the patient population. This requires metrics, coordination and collaboration, all core components of the IDS application solution suite. IDS provides tools to establish benchmarks for data collection and tracks those metrics real time. Those long-term measures and clinical data will help unveil gaps in care or quality. It also helps recognize trends and predict future outcomes, thus transforming traditional healthcare into a more proactive, managed service.

We aggregate data from many sources and systems, including patient profiles, wellness portals, clinical measures, and cost data to identify at-risk populations suffering from chronic disease or other issues and in need of care intervention.

We then process the data to offer meaningful insight into physician and facility performance against standard measures and present it in a format that is easily to understand and actionable.

See in a Snapshot how to:

  • Identify and correct negative trends

  • Align strategies with organizational goals

  • Measure savings

  • Assess efficiencies and inefficiencies

By tracking ACO quality measures, you can make smart decisions based on intelligence.
Real-time analytics help you:

Optimize Resources

Gain a true perspective on key operations with real-time tracking and KPI reporting. Align resources and leverage assets to achieve your goals.

Cost Savings

Mitigate shrinking reimbursement rates with better asset management. By understanding which behaviors directly impact costs, you can root out problems and optimize processes.

Monitor Satisfaction

Measure and compile ratings patients give to the healthcare centers, providers and support staff.


Track performance on an individual or group basis. See how choices affect costs and improve performance and outcomes by instituting accountability.