Console for Managing Enterprise Access and Data

AbbaDox Studio provides IT administrators the ability to control the flow of data and access to it across the enterprise.

Studio offers a sophisticated toolset to administrators to manage AbbaDox internally without the need for external support or intervention. Application configuration, user management and security are no longer outside the domain but contained and controlled by internal IT staff. It ensures protocols and policies are consistently applied and data is protected throughout the organization.

Deployment and onboarding of new users, departments or acquisitions is faster and easier without the learning curve outsiders require. IT administrators benefit by retaining control yet avoid the burdens of upgrades, security patches, and interfaces associated with installing and managing on premise systems.

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Automated Processes:

  • Manage data flow

  • Enable functions by individual, title, group, etc.

  • Set notifications and alerts






  • Enroll and exclude users

  • Manage roles and permissions

  • Isolate or group locations



  • Set preferences

  • Configure UI displays

  • Craft operational workflows

Audit Trail:

  • Track access and actions

  • Identify time/date and IP addresses

  • Record document and system activities