About IDS

We offer interoperability services along with the next generation of healthcare technology solutions.

At IDS, we don’t ask you to take a canned solution and expect it to fit. We work with you to create workflows that make sense. We won’t strand you with a system that stands alone because we will integrate it with your other information systems.

Our solutions and services are tailored to the healthcare industry, generating intuitive operational workflows, automating information and image exchange and adding functionality and interoperability where none existed before – without having to replace current systems.

The AbbaDox Cloud Computing Platform offers many advantages. The flexible architecture of this advanced, next-generation IT platform scales rapidly. It’s agile and accommodates multiple medical specialties and cross-enterprise workflows. It requires minimal IT investment and eliminates the expense of costly hardware and VPNs.

Our highly customizable workflows are designed and built using our AbbaDox health information management platform and its modular, “building-block” applications, which allow us to engage breakthrough technology. While most electronic records software providers adopted a client-server architecture, the web-based SaaS model makes AbbaDox agile and adaptable, allowing us to modify and add applications and respond quickly to changes in industry regulation, practice and economics.

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Our Expertise

We Were Cool in the Cloud

Before the Cloud Was Cool.

You want an IT partner you can trust. One that will see you through to the end, and make sure you have a system that actually delivers on its promise and works well.

Many healthcare software providers may talk the “Cloud” because it’s cool; however, most are new to the game and lack the knowledge and experience to provide a complete, secure and stable solution. Why risk your data to novices?

Since Day One, we were in the Cloud. AbbaDox, our workflow portal was developed for the cloud, and with over well over a decade of connecting physicians with clinical data, we are pros at delivering a seamless and effective data solutions.

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Our History

For well over a decade, IDS has worked hard creating innovative information technologies for the healthcare industry. We provide highly secure cloud-based workflows, interoperability and tools for automating the creation, distribution, authentication, management, and secure exchange of healthcare information.

We offer a variety of innovative desktop and mobile applications that help providers address divergent workflows, incompatible information systems, operational procedures, and regulatory compliance. With our dynamic clinical application services and portals, our powerful IT infrastructure is scalable for any enterprise.


Based in South Florida, the company has a nationwide service base with thousands of healthcare professionals relying on IDS for their clinical documentation, reporting and workflow needs.

Our dedicated team of IT, development and support professionals are committed to providing a consistently high level of product performance and service, so that our customers experience the best technology and customer care possible.

For the next decade, our focus is on forging the path toward greater interoperability and information flow among health institutions as a means to improve the overall coordination and quality of patient care.

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