Welcome to the IDS blog, designed as a forum for an ongoing conversation about trends, issues and solutions for all aspects of clinical workflow.
It should be interesting – and maybe even profitable.
After all, IDS is known for brainstorming with clients and prospects to forge new avenues and create unique technology applications that help providers address divergent workflows, operational procedure and regulatory compliance.

With solutions tailored for the healthcare industry, we build best-of-breed, highly secure technology to generate intuitive operational workflows, automate healthcare documentation and add functionality and interoperability where none existed before – without having to replace current systems.
In other words, we work hard to make your life easier. And, as our highly secure systems are based in the cloud, they have no limits – just like our thinking.
You see, our highly customizable workflows are designed and built using the AbbaDox health information technology (HIT) ecosystem and its modular, “building block” applications that can interface with other health information systems, including proprietary software and mobile devices.
While most electronic records software providers adopted a client-server architecture, the web-based SaaS model makes AbbaDox agile and adaptable.The result is a reliable, secure and seamless HIT solution that delivers consistently on all levels. This approach also allows IDS to modify and add applications and respond quickly to changes in industry regulation, practice and economics.
We hope you’ll check in often to see what’s new and provide your own insights, comments and questions.
Especially questions. We love questions – and finding the answers to them.
As our powerful IT infrastructure is scalable for any enterprise, we’re here to help practices and hospitals of all sizes and levels of complexity.

So join in. Who knows what we can come up with together?

Yaniv Dagan