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Tales from the Trenches

Real Life Stories of the Triumphs and Tribulations of Healthcare IT in Practice   For Fast ROI, Think Speech Recognition   In today’s challenging healthcare environment, cost-cutting is a way of life.  New efficiencies enabled by healthcare IT can have a big impact on achieving this goal—but often return on investment (ROI) takes time.   However,…


Midstate Radiology Selects IDS Voice2Dox Speech Recognition and AbbaDox Clinical Reporting Solution

Realizes Significant New Efficiencies and Cost Savings Fort Lauderdale, FL — July 30, 2014 – Midstate Radiology Associates has selected IDS Voice2Dox speech recognition and AbbaDox clinical reporting solution to meet the practice’s high-volume multi-site reporting needs. The busy 11-radiologist group sought a sophisticated system that supported full-featured reporting with immediate voice-to-text recognition at multiple…