Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

For those clients needing a higher level of service beyond software and application services, IDS provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS.) IaaS entails the hardware and other computing resources, such as networking, routing, storage, and security necessary for IDS cloud enterprise services. IDS assumes the role of onsite IT professionals by providing the technology infrastructure to run information systems beyond the IDS application suite, including the platform for hosting and processing client data. It eliminates the need to invest in hardware and networking equipment and is a great option especially for small organizations that may not have the IT staff to handle these tasks.

Other IDS roles include securely storing data and reports, continuously backing up and protecting data, monitoring hardware and software, and notifying the client of any issues concerning the servers, disk space, etc.

IDS places a premium on infrastructure by using high-quality equipment produced by well-respected manufacturers such as Cisco and Dell. All servers are equipped with high priority connectivity to the electrical grids and on-site fuel to run the backups generators for weeks of uninterrupted service in the event of a major power outage. All servers and equipment are constantly monitored by IT personnel and automated tools and have standby backups.

IDS operates via the BGP network which provides fault tolerance for connectivity. IDS’ data center, NAP of the Americas, provides a robust collection of fiber backbones and unparalleled routing table access and multi-homing capabilities. Great attention is given to redundancy, load balancing and clustering with ample capacity to expand and ramp up easily. Learn more about the NAP.

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