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The data center is the powerhouse for cloud computing. It’s the physical location where the equipment and Internet intersect to run, process and connect data with systems and enterprises. Speed, security and the capacity to expand are major components for providing world-class services. The structure, cooling and electrical set-up along with the telecommunications of the data center all have an impact on the ability to deliver responsive, reliable, and secure applications over the Internet.

When you choose AbbaDox, you gain access to one of an elite group of data centers in the world. IDS connects to the global Internet backbone through Verizon’s Network Access Point (NAP) data center in Miami, Florida.

From 7-inch think, steel-reinforced concrete walls to five redundant chilled-water heat exchange systems, this 750,000 square feet NAP of the Americas facility boasts construction to withstand flood, fire and even Category 5 hurricane force winds. Security is paramount with onsite staff actively monitoring the facility 24 hours a day. Biometric and other strict access protocols are in place.

The Tier-IV facility provides such a secure environment with advanced telecommunications that many U.S. federal government agencies requiring Top Secret Facility Clearance use it. Connectivity is also impressive with a direct backbone access to the world’s major telecommunications carriers.

IDS chose Terremark’s NAP, now owned by Verizon, as the facility to house its private cloud and computing services. By choosing the NAP, IDS can deliver the fastest and most reliable cloud application services available.

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