AbbaDox is more than a portal.
AbbaDox CRM is a powerful contact and referral management system that provides a true picture of your referral patterns and much more.

Measure, manage and grow referring provider and physician relationships with this easy-to-use, quick-to-deploy application. It requires no major capital investment and improves efficiency by automating manual functions, streamlining workflows and providing mobile access to marketers on the road.

AbbaDox CRM-BI is no ordinary customer relationship manager software. Built specifically for referral marketing and management, it provides an active toolkit to help you manage the practice and accelerate growth. Track up-to-the-minute progress on referral volumes and trends and monitor the performance of individual and marketing program efforts. Automate ticklers to be sure you keep in touch on a regular basis with existing referrers. The software also makes it easy to nurture new and budding relationships at potential referring offices. Before you know it, you will expand your referral base, exceeding expectations.

AbbaDox CRM is in the cloud, so instantly you become free of the burden of system administration and software maintenance. Plus, you receive the added benefit of ongoing upgrades at no charge.

Key Advantages:

  • Increase Referral Volume

  • Identify Referral Trends

  • Find New Prospects

  • Track Referral Types and Counts

  • Access Real-time Analytics

  • Generate Actionable Reports

  • Document Expenses for Regulatory Compliance

  • Strengthen Bonds with Referring Providers

Stay  Connected

Document communications with referrers and stay connected
with trend and visit trackers.

What Makes AbbaDox CRM Unique?


IDS created AbbaDox CRM is a time-tested marketing tool specifically for referral-based healthcare practices. It helps administrators and marketers alike by providing a dynamic communications and relationship management tool that tracks referrals and other key data in real time.

It’s great for forecasting, tracking marketing expenses, and monitoring marketers’ productivity. The real-time analytics helps you easily spot trends and adjust marketing strategies to protect and expand the referral base. It also helps root out referrer concerns for quick remedial action.

Detailed Expense Tracking
Stay within regulatory guidelines with expense reporting by provider or group.


Prospect Mapping
Map marketing routes and identify service gaps.


Empower Marketers
Give your marketing team tools to succeed in the field.


What They Say About Us


“AbbaDox CRM is an invaluable tool for managing our marketing team. Ever optimistic, marketers do not always have a realistic picture of referral trends especially when the curve is heading South. With accurate trend reports, we can get a true grasp of referral patterns and more importantly, identify opportunities even for different modalities within one practice “

Sandi Duxbury | Director of Marketing and Business Development
– Rhode Island Medical Imaging

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