Voice2Dox offers unmatched clinical reporting and workflow solutions. Voice2Dox lets doctors and clinicians decide how to create each report.

dragon logoOur full range of options; dictation-transcription, front-end speech recognition, back-end speech recognition, templates, macros, or a combination of these methods means doctors have the flexibility to adapt to pressing issues or concerns of the moment, without sacrificing quality. Voice2Dox integrates with other systems including EHR, HIM, RIS and PACS for better documentation and higher reimbursement rates.

IDS offers flexibility. However you choose to document cases and studies, we can accommodate your specific needs as a practice and on an individual basis. Just make one call; we handle all your clinical reporting support needs.

Our front-end speech recognition engine is Dragon ® Medical Practice Edition. More accurate than ever, Dragon Medical Practice Edition is the best voice-to-text technology on the market. It supports 60 medical specialties and subspecialties and incorporates advanced acoustic models to support regional accents.  Voice2Dox is so tightly integrated with speech recognition engine, users find the applications operate together seamlessly.

Speech recognition technology allows practices to:

Dragon_Medical_Practice_Edition_Box_Shot-_Front (1) • Reduce transcription costs

• Speed report turnaround time

• Improve efficiency

• Shorten reimbursement cycle

Not ready to go 100% speech rec? No worries…you can adopt it at your own pace.

Deploy this cost-saving technology in a way that makes sense for your operations. IDS offers a variety of reporting methods to address the changing daily work demands and preferences of all your physicians. Along with this best-of-breed workflow and speech-to-text technology, IDS provides professional medical transcription and editing services. Our well-trained, dedicated transcriptionists, editors and virtual scribes are available 24/7 to cover all your clinical reporting needs. Count on IDS to deliver high-quality, accurate reports with guaranteed turnaround times. The power of choice cannot be underestimated.

Want to learn more about the power of Voice2Dox and Dragon Medical Practice Edition?