IDS has teamed up with Sectra to usher in a new generation women’s health diagnostic tools

Sectra CloudFlex brings together the world-class imaging expertise of Best in KLAS Sectra with IDS’ radiology workflow applications and cloud architecture for a comprehensive suite of breast diagnostic imaging tools. CloudFlex offers a robust, yet cost-effective radiology IT system, perfect for telemammography and low-volume mammography centers.

This hosted solution requires minimal capital investment, and the modular design means you have the flexibility to tailor the system to best meet your needs.

CloudFlex modules include:

Diagnostic Reporting

CloudFlex offers multiple ways to create a report. Whether you choose traditional dictation-transcription, 100% speech recognition, templates or a hybrid approach, the CloudFlex reporting platform gives you the tools to reach your peak productivity. Voice-recognized report generation offers the greatest savings, but if the study is a complex one or time is limited, you can choose to dictate one or more reports for transcription. Our professional medical transcriptionists and editors are ready to handle even your most critical cases.

Our reporting module lets you send reports by fax, HL7 or secure email. Alternatively, you may grant web portal access to your referring physicians so they may securely view their patients’ reports and images.

If you read for multiple facilities, you can customize the final report format for each and include key images in the reports. The reporting module also has functionality for managing critical findings and Meaningful Use reporting.

Speech Recognition

Our integrated speech-to-text engine gives you complete control over your diagnostic reports, allowing you to eliminate transcription costs and reduce turnaround time. Utilizing the most advanced speech recognition engine on the market, the application has an intuitive interface that automatically populates patient demographics for each study. Highly configurable, it provides routines management, delay and suspend modes, hot keys and other click-saving options. You can sign reports on submission to speed processing.

Critical Findings

Communicating critical findings in a timely manner adds another layer of complexity to an already demanding workflow. Our critical findings workflow is integrated into our reporting platform. Radiologists can continue reporting while care coordinators use a separate workflow. Allowing them to complete their tasks without disrupting the radiologists and also prevent any delays or gaps in critical results communications.


CloudFlex is a single-system reading environment providing true multi-modality capabilities. It allows images from any modality, including breast tomosynthesis, to be displayed side-by-side with mammograms. To further optimize reading throughput, all digital breast images, regardless of modality vendor, are automatically displayed in the same size with correct orientation and alignment, facilitating comparison of current and prior images.


Whether you have one center or multiple locations, scheduling patients, modalities, or technicians has never been easier. Our scheduler has a colorful, intuitive interface that details the patient visit status and notifies you of important concerns, such as mobility, allergies, or language barriers. These features — just to name a few — help you monitor and improve the patient experience. The scheduler employs intelligent tools to streamline office tasks, and because it’s customizable, you can modify the workflow to optimize support staff productivity. To save even more time, the scheduler gives you the ability to generate pre-populated patient forms and verify insurance eligibility instantly, even in batches.

Workflow Portal

AbbaDox™ is our flagship report processing and workflow portal that hosts a variety of applications for clinical documentation and data sharing. Originally designed for the cloud, AbbaDox supports role-based security and complex workflows for documenting studies, distributing reports, and image sharing. It accommodates independent workflows in transcription, coding, critical findings, charting and so much more.

The web-based SaaS model makes AbbaDox agile and adaptable. The result is a reliable, secure and seamless health information technology solution. This approach allows IDS to modify and add applications and respond quickly to changes in industry regulation, practice and economics.

AbbaDox offers:

  • Single point of access to multiple applications

  • Unified collaboration platform

  • Customized workflows

  • Robust filtering and sorting mechanisms

  • Advanced search features

  • Automated escalation processes

  • Status notifications

  • Controlled access to files / user roles

  • Detailed audit logs