We provide the technology you need to succeed. Our IT solutions accommodate full service teleradiology operations as well as a hybrid of onsite radiology and teleradiology, combining inpatient and outpatient imaging operations.

Our flexible scheduling system provides the ability to adapt quickly to changes in your operations whether that entails accommodating new radiologists or offering on-call reads.

The solution is system agnostic as we’ve integrated our solution with industry-leading RIS, PACS and EHR systems. It acts as a gateway and traffic monitor, accommodating adjustable start times, vacation times and overflow coverage. It also supports expert radiology and subspecialty reading services. Prefetching priors and image routing provide efficiencies to allow your team to deliver results as quickly as possible.

Because our solution is in the cloud, you avoid the high up-front capital expense fees and need for skilled personnel to manage the IT infrastructure. It reduces IT costs, and more importantly, allows for more efficient scheduling.

Our solution can establish enterprise-wide templates and simplify the transfer of images to make the process less prone to error and more efficient. By facilitating more reads per shift, it improves staff productivity and increases study output.

We employ messaging standards to keep your data secure and compliant with HIPAA and HITECH. Our networks are reliable and with a TIER IV facility co-location, offer the most advanced and secure data center available.

Full-featured and affordable, AbbaDox Scheduling can accommodate even the most complex teleradiology environments.

We go beyond the standard package and provide meaningful and actionable data through our analytics and reporting services. This gives you the intelligence to evaluate and transform your operations. Real-time data allows you to identify concerns before they become major problems. We also offer a preliminary reports function which allows radiologists to read studies even when conditions are not ideal, for example the priors are incomplete or not available.

Notable Features:

  • Cloud technology for universal access

  • Distributed architecture to support multiple sites and systems

  • Real-time data analytics

  • Study status reports

  • Fast delivery of images and results

  • Zero-footprint image viewer for tablets

  • No major capital investment

  • Rapid deployment and expansion


AbbaDox RIS can transform your operations employing a combination of intelligent tools and ergonomic workflows. Built for the cloud, AbbaDox RIS will bring noticeable results and help you streamline and optimize your teleradiology operations.

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