Powerful Radiology Reporting Platform

Only a handful of companies in the world offer an integrated speech recognition platform for diagnostic reporting. Don’t settle for anything but the best. See why many of the largest radiology groups in the US have chosen Voice2Dox. Our integrated reporting platform offers the latest medical voice recognition technology and so much more!

Supple and flexible, Voice2Dox adapts to your needs — day or night.

Decide at the point of dictation how you wish to create a report. Choose from translating voice-to-text for immediate results, selecting templates from an extensive and searchable roster, dictating for medical transcriptionists, or a combination of these.

We’re all about workflow. That’s why we make the effort to customize the application to suit your preferences. Plus, our value enhancing features such as automated report distribution and critical findings workflow mean you focus on diagnostic reporting, not report or image logistics.

The intuitive interface makes it easy to create and review reports. Mobile Voice2Dox frees you from the workstation, letting you review and sign reports from your iPhone or tablet.

We understand time is precious. That’s why we continually seek ways to create timesavers and reduce the number of clicks. Eliminating just one click per report can really make a difference over time.

Because Voice2Dox is modular, through integration, we can marry it with your existing systems such as HIM, EHR, RIS or PACS. You can gain further efficiencies with our algorithms and natural language processing for automated coding or Meaningful Use reporting.

Client requests drive our product development. Our “best match” templates and intelligent sound commands mean less computer and more patient time. You receive product enhancements continually, no waiting for quarterly or annual updates.

Savvy Radiology Administrators recognize the immense value a superior reporting solution offers.

  •  Cost savings of 65-75% compared to transcription

  •  Global management of routines

  •  Operational analytics with real-time metrics

  •  Study status reports

  •  Minimal capital investment

  •  Automated report distribution using multiple methods

  •  Mandate specific language required for billing

  •  Mentor new physicians through decision support

  •  Manage and share thousands of routines

Radiologists immediately notice the Voice2Dox difference by the number of reads per day.

  • Select one or more: speech recognition, transcription & templates

  • View reports instantly on screen

  • Access technician notes

  • Move freely between facilities with roaming speech recognition profiles

  • Embed key images in the report

  • Use tables and calculations

  • Create best match and share routines

  • Generate automatic recall letters

  • Document critical findings and BIRADS

  • Delay or suspend report submission

  • Review and sign reports remotely or on a mobile device

IT Administrators will appreciate the advanced technology and flexibility.

  • Best voice recognition engine available with Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2

  • System interoperability – HIM, EMR, RIS, PACS

  • Responsive technical support

  • Scalable enterprise solution

  • Fast deployment

Used in conjunction with AbbaDox, our workflow portal, all members of the outpatient practice can manage their work efficiently. It accommodates multiple user roles and even facilities to provide the most intuitive and effective technology to support a highly productive healthcare team.