Expedite Delivery of Critical Findings

IDS seeks to improve the communication and exchange of patient and healthcare data. This is especially true when it comes to reporting urgent or unexpected findings of a diagnostic test.

Handling information of a critical concern or a potentially misunderstood verbal communication requires workflows outside of the standard reporting routine. Most reporting systems do not handle it well, requiring radiologists to launch another application or software add-on component to document and relay the critical findings.

Radiologists must recognize a situation where treatment is urgent and should be undertaken within hours, and to recognize a situation where treatment is needed but a short delay will not affect the outcome. Our technology is designed to make this process smooth and easy for the radiologist as well as the care coordinator.

IDS offers a distributed workflow that expedites the delivery of critical findings in a timely fashion. More importantly, our critical findings workflow is integrated into our Voice2Dox reporting and speech recognition solution. This integration provides a seamless workflow: 1) allowing radiologists to continue their reporting processes with minimal interruptions to their diagnostic readings, and 2) aiding care coordinators in the communication process.

When a radiologist issues a critical finding, the coordinator receives a text message and an email notification. Through AbbaDox, our cloud-based workflow portal, coordinators record all call attempts and communications. Each activity is time-stamped and recorded in a detailed audit log.

It’s a closed-loop system; radiologists can immediately sign the report and make it immediately available in downstream systems, while the referring physician is being contacted.  Once a conversation has taken place with the treating physician, an addendum is automatically attached to the final report with the details of the notification. Administrators can monitor the messaging status and oversee the process with statistical reports.