Maximize Your IT Investment with IDS Professional Services

Our Professional Services team can help you make the most of your IDS software applications and platform services. We can tailor our applications and create workflows designed just for you to optimize the efficiency of IT architecture in your organization. Our integration experts can help connect disparate and legacy systems in the most cost-effective way, so you avoid unnecessary expenditures.

When you choose IDS, we want you to feel confident that you have a knowledgeable team of programmers, developers and project managers ready to assist you to make your implementation a complete success.

For those organizations lacking available IT professionals, we can step in to assist, so share your operational pain points with us. We have proven solutions that may solve all your concerns.

To start, we will analyze your needs through an initial consultation. A more detailed on-site assessment may follow and may involve identifying in-depth data requirements; mapping business and clinical processes; preparing hardware and equipment specifications; determining appropriate network capabilities and IT infrastructure, and recommending additional software applications or solutions.

Throughout the implementation process, our project managers are fully engaged to address potential obstacles, monitor milestones and keep the process on track.

And we’re always available as your organization’s needs change or you wish to expand. One advantage to working with IDS is the ongoing enhancements you receive as part of your service. This allows you to benefit from the collective pool of great ideas. Contact us to learn how quickly you can improve your IT infrastructure.