ChargeCapture AbbaDox Charge Capture enables physicians on the go to securely record charge capture details with tablets and smartphones. The cloud solution allows physicians to access on their mobile devices a list of scheduled patients, and in just seconds they can record charges and notes. The application shortens revenue cycle, and because it integrates with existing HIMs, little investment is required. Moreover, deployment time is weeks rather than months.

The application takes a distributed approach to charge capture, so while physicians at the point of care document charge information, an instant data transfer occurs allowing the billing department to immediately see charges for claims processing.  To prevent missed charges, the physician receives alerts to address outstanding or incomplete records. Imagine no more lost or missed charges!

AbbaDox Charge Capture also has a desktop version which is ideal for nurses, coders and administrators.  The application features an intuitive interface with workflow bins designed for specific roles.  This keeps users on task and encourages high levels of productivity. The integrated worklist design offers greater accuracy and tighter control. Nursing or departmental administrators can manage patient lists and reassign patients to different physicians as needed.

Once coded by the physician, the charge information uploads immediately to the AbbaDox coding workflow, allowing coders to review, edit or request clarification on specific charges.

Billing managers and healthcare administrators have the ability to oversee and improve processes with analytics. Here are some of the detailed reports available in AbbaDox Charge Capture: :