Welcome to IDS

the proven provider of highly secure, cloud-based, best-of-breed healthcare information technology developed to suit your needs.

That’s right: your needs.
At IDS, we don’t ask you to shoehorn our solutions into your systems. We work with you to ensure integration or even develop unique technology applications.

Our solutions and services are tailored to the healthcare industry, generating intuitive operational workflows, automating documentation and adding functionality and interoperability where none existed before – without having to replace current systems.

Our highly customizable workflows are designed and built using our AbbaDox cloud-based health information technology ecosystem and its modular, “building-block” applications, which allow us to engage breakthrough technology. While most electronic records software providers adopted a client-server architecture, the web-based SaaS model makes AbbaDox agile and adaptable, allowing us to modify and add applications and respond quickly to changes in industry regulation, practice and economics.

Contact us today to learn more and see what we can do together. info@idssite.com